Finewood is a forest that figuratively lays somewehere beetween our raw & practical demand and craving for perfection.

FineWoodLab combines chickiest trends with the most functional technology to create memorable life experience.

Welcome to the FineWoodLab.


FineWoodLab was founded in the deepest need of pure beauty.

Forest has always been a peaceful yet magical and mysterious place. It is a place where smells, textures and colours blend in together and form a unique world. A dark world where true beauty is hidden and once revealed by glorious sunlit clearing.

Right there in the centre of this ever changing and evolving environment we located our lab. FineWoodLab takes true characteristics of a real nature, refine it with the most modern equipment and bring it to its customers. Wood is our passion and our life. We strive every day to wander through the forest in order to find the most unique looks.

FineWoodLab open the heaven for designers. We let them into our magical world and allow them to set new trends and help us to achieve absolute happiness of customers.


FineWoodLab is a European supplier of wood and laminate flooring.

FineWoodLab combines the latest trends with the most functional technology creating memorable life experience. Our focus is engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is constructed out of:
- layer of hardwood veneer on top;
- plywood, block or HDF (high density fibre) core
- balance layer on the bottom.

FineWoodLab only uses wood material from local sources, thus the core product is engineered oak flooring. Our engineered oak flooring collection consists of various specifications (narrow and wide planks, smooth and brushed surfaces, etc.) and vast colour selection.

All products are made in Europe under constant supervision of experienced craftsmen who's main task is to maintain premium quality of our floors. Every plank coming out of our FineWoodLab is FSC certified.